Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Inspirational : Garden Books 2

'Great Gardens for Kids' by Clare Matthews. A book to help you create a wonderful garden for the children i n your house. There are over 50 step-by-step educational and fun projects including a climbing frame, tyre swing, living tent and maze. 

'Living Willow Sculpture' by Jon Warnes is a lovely book. It shows you how to make wigwams, domes and tunnels and for the more adventurous fences, chairs and arbours. ``````the author also encourages you to create your own designs.

'Planting Native Trees and Shrubs' by Kenneth and Gillian  Beckett is brilliant. This book tells you what to plant and where to plant it. Each page is devoted to an individual species ( Latin and common name) with a detailed description, associated species, how to propagate and a location map. A great table in the back too of all the possible categories you might need, This book has everything. Sorry about the poor photo but I wanted to show you the layout.

The last gardening book is 'Decorate your Garden' by Mary Keen (the cover has changed). There are masses of very achievable, fun and affordable ideas including topiary shapes, birdbath and collection of seaside pebbles. Cheap garden centre sheds are transformed as well as pots and garden furniture given a new lease of life.

If you have a favourite gardening book, I would love to know about it?

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