Thursday, 10 October 2013

Inspirational : Artist books (Photographic)

Really enjoying making this 'Inspirational' series of blogs! I am so enjoying re-finding all my old favourites.

This is a collection of photographic artists that I discovered way back in my college days, when I studied photography and art.

'Kingswood' by Susan Derges, is my first book. It is a culmination of a year long residency by the artist, in a woodland, in Kent. The book is a collection of photograms and pin-hole images. Susan Derges is a very exciting, experimental artist, who also made a very innovative series River Taw and the Under the Moon, creating prints in the water at night. In 2003 she was commissioned by the Eden Project to create a series of glass windows.

'Beauty of Darkness' by Connie Imboden is a beautiful collection of her photographic work. They explore the transformation and mutation of the human form floating in dark water.

'Head On' contains the exciting work of Cai Guo-Qiang, the very famous Chinese artist. It is a book-within-a-book (a tiny book is inlaid in the cover). The project was for the Deutsche Bank and reflects both his own heritage and Berlin's, with gunpowder and fireworks. There are also 99 life-sized wolves and a glass wall.

My final photographic book is 'Explorations along an Imaginary Coastline' by Martha Casanave. A stunning book depicting the beauty of the Californian Coast. I love her  imaginative pinhole images of the seascape.

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