Saturday, 2 April 2016

Pinterest thank you

Thank you so much I have reached 300 on Pinterest! No where near as many followers as the serious bods.

I have 35 boards. Mine is a real mixture of all my favourite interests including Sculptural, boards for my friends, Clothes, Masks, Yummy (good looking chaps for the ladies!). Here is my Greenmen Board.

My Greenmen board

In case you are a Pinterest virgin I should briefly explain my obsession. It is very easy to create an account. Pinterest is a social network. It is a way of visually collecting your favourite images and videos called pinning. These pins are then grouped in a common theme called a board  You can collect recipes, good ideas, DIY projects, clothing and quotes etc … As well as collecting your own ideas you can see other people’s ideas too. You can follow the boards of your new friends with similar interests. It is lovely seeing what makes all your old friends and relatives tick too. To view the latest pins from your boards that you follow just click the Pinterest P up by the search bar.

Last time I blogged about Pinterest was back in August 2013 when I only had a few boards and was just starting. You very quickly get more boards. Most of my boards are public and everyone can see but sometimes you want to keep things private so you can choose. If you have a project or interest with a friend or relative you can invite people to contribute. I have a few combined boards with my daughter Kate. She is also on Pinterest so if you would like to see her boards click here.

I hope you have as much fun as me X