Sunday, 8 September 2013

Inspirational : Myths & Legends

I love anything mythical, especially old English folklore. I was born, and live, on the Worcestershire/Herefordshire border and still live on what is left of my Dad's farm. There are many local tales about faeries in the woods and legends of dragons living in the hills between us and Wales.

I am very fond of all my recommendations in this post.

'Faeries' by Brian Froud is the first of his books that I bought. I also really like 'Good Faeries Bad Faeries' by Brian Froud. I have the old copy but this is a link to the newer book. I adore the way Froud mixes font and pictures and have included a few copies of pages to give you more of a proper feel. They are magical books exploring many mythical creatures, both good and bad in the faerie kingdom.

'Fairie-ality: The Ellwand Collection' by Eugenie  Bird. This is such a joy to own and is so beautiful. If you follow the link, there is a wonderful website about the book. It is a collection of enchanting faerie outfits with nearly 150 creations. They include dresses, jackets, trousers, shoes and hats all made materials from nature. There are fantastic photographs and illustrations throughout.

'Trolls' by Brian and Wendy Froud, is another big favourite of mine. I was given it last Christmas and instantly fell in love. It is a large book exploring everything about the magic world of trolls.

My final book is 'Dragonology' by Dugald Steer, Helen Ward and Douglas Carrel. This is a collection of the long-lost research of the ninetieth century dragonologist Dr Ernest Drake. It is a very interactive book including samples, booklets and envelopes. 

Do you have a favourite mythical book?

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