Sunday, 25 August 2013

Inspirational : Work books

I thought I would write a series of blogs about books that inspire me.

I am starting with books that have helped me with my work.

My first book is my absolute favourite, the bible of ceramics (at least for me),'The Complete Potter' by Steve Mattison. It is described wonderfully on the front cover as "The complete reference to tools, materials and techniques for all potters and ceramicists". That sums it up.

Although I have never tried any of the ideas described, I really like 'Alternative Kilns & Firing Techniques' by James C. Watkins & Paul Andrew Wandless. It describes in great detail rake, saggar, pit and barrel firings.

The final recommendation is 'Mouldmaking and Casting' by Nick Brooks. It is a comprehensive manual of the many techniques of this ancient craft and art form.

Well that is it. I hope you are inspired too by my selection. I would love to know your favourite ceramic books.

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