Monday, 3 November 2014

To Gheluvelt and back

A huge thank you to the boys Ian, Nigel and Neil for the great photos. They just visited the battlefield of Gheluvelt to commemorate the 100 years anniversary and the very brave Worcestershire Regiment.

Their story is sympathetically explained in Ian's blog. The whole trip was incredibly moving. I was particularly haunted by the pictures showing the trenches where so many died, so sadly. 

On their long journey home, they very kindly called into a cemetery in Contay, where a relative of mine is buried. I told his story in an earlier blog. Jonathan Tombs was born in Herefordshire and buried with 1,132 other soldiers. It is a beautiful location.

I was especially thrilled with the leaves that they brought back. I hope to make something from them. Many thanks and I am glad the trip went so well.  XXX

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